21 Best Shopify Plugins for Your Online Store

Who doesn’t love higher sales and increased revenue? Here’s how you can achieve it.

Shopify is the third most prominent e-commerce platform that has nearly 10% of the market share. With more than 800,000 stores, it has processed over a billion orders to date.

Other than Shopify’s prodigious backend support and user-friendly interface, people love it for its built-in tools that provide them the freedom to boost their stores’ functionality and add customized features.

If you aim to increase customer engagement to drive sales and generate more revenue, Shopify plugins can come in very handy!

Best shopify plugins list

Top 21 Recommended Shopify Plugins

Here are the top 21 recommendations for the best Shopify plugins for your online store:

1.  Web Push – Free Abandoned Cart by OneSignal

People can often forget what they added to the cart and need a reminder. Web Push offers easy ways to increase sales through notifications regarding abandoned carts, shipping updates, and in-stock alerts while maintaining the brand’s standards.

It is free to install for Shopify users. Advanced features such as multi-channel messaging may require payment plans.

2.  Yottaa Page Speed Accelerator by Yottaa

If your site takes ages to load, the customer will switch. Yottaa increases site speed with two steps and gain additional site performance visibility. 

Step 1: diagnose and determine site speed challenges with Speed Analytics, and 

Step 2: enable the Page Speed Accelerator with 1-click inside the Speed Analytics App.

Yottaa’s page speed accelerator allows owners to increase speed and make third-party apps more effective automatically.

3.  Justuno Pop-Ups and Conversion by Justuno

If you are looking for fast growth with top-performing agencies, Justuno is your solution. It enables stores to make pop-ups, banner offers, exit offers, upsell promotions, and recommendations to capture data and push it to your existing marketing tools (such as email or SMS solution).

It offers additional features such as intelligent upsell, cross-sells, product recommendations, and Postscript for SMS marketing and capturing an email. 

4.  CartHook Post Purchase Offers by CartHook

CartHook allows you to create real-time after-purchase offers to customers directly. It helps increase after-purchase revenue for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores.

CartHooks allows the store to provide customers with customization, support, and new features with just one click in between the checkout and thank you page. CartHook integrates with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, PayPal, Omnisend, Afterpay, Avarala, Klaviyo, Postscript, Recart, ReCharge, and much more.

5.  Yotpo Product Reviews and Photos by Yotpo

One app that lets you do it all Yotpo. It provides you with powerful tools of complete suite solutions for customer reviews, loyalty, rewards, visual marketing, referrals, and SMS marketing.

Yotpo will accelerate your business’s growth with user-generated content through on-site conversion, traffic acquisition, consumer insights, and shopper experience.

6.  Smile: Rewards and Loyalty by Smile

Did you know acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times expensive than selling to an existing one; Smile loyalty and rewards app works on customer retention. It allow businesses to boost their sales through an interactive and easily buildable interface.

It gives customers an opportunity to enjoy perks, discounts, and tons of opportunities to engage with the brand. Smile easily integrates with Shopify POS, PushOwl, Loox, Judge.me, Omnisend, and Privy.

7.  Gorgias – Live Chat and Helpdesk by Gorgias

The customers are Kings & Queens of your online kingdom, so treat them right with exceptional customer service. Gorgias offers a help desk for your online team to manage all your customer service and support in one central place.

It helps reduce your ticket’s response time while increasing the efficiency of the customer support team. It will help give your customer an all-in-one help desk experience across live chat, phone, emails, Facebook, Instagram, contact us page, and much more.

8.  Richpanel Customer Service CRM by Richpanel

If you want repeated customers, you must provide the best customer service. Richpanel provides all-in-one solutions to your customer service needs by managing all support channels through one app, providing the opportunity to know your customers, and provide automated support to repetitive tickets.

For the best self-service facility to common customer queries, responding to messages through one help desk, and a powerful live chat, download Richpanel.

9.  Arka: Packaging and Supplies by Arka

Packaging of a product shapes its first impression! 

Arka makes packaging easy with their app through a wide range of online designs to choose.

It provides affordable solutions to your packing needs while keeping it eco-friendly and user-friendly so that you have a comfortable, great experience. And here’s the best part; it takes under ten days to deliver your customized boxes. 

Simply download the app, select the material and box type, determine the size and customize it with your brand colors, text, and image for free.

10.  Easyship – All in one shipping by Easyship

Whether you need to ship 100 orders or 100,000; domestically or internationally, Easyship will do it all for you. 

It integrates with UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, SF Express, and more than 250 other courier services to find the deal that works best for you.

Easyship offers the best cloud-based shipping platform to help online stores optimize their logistics, reduce shipping costs, and reach out to customers globally. 

Moreover, other than the best shipping facility, Easyship also offers label generation, gutsy rates at checkout, a complete list of taxes and duties for international orders, and unlimited integration with leading eCommerce platforms. Simply integrate your Shopify store with Easyship and streamline your deliveries.

11.  Shippo by Shippo

Finding a shipping company that offers an affordable rate and good service can be time-consuming. Shippo makes this task easy by integrating with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express, Amazon, and Etsy so that you can find the best deal under one roof.

Whether you want discounted shipping rates, printed labels, or send tracking information to your customers from one place, Shippo is your answer. It streamlines your shipping so that you can focus on your business.

12.  Bold Subscriptions by BOLD

Want to provide customers with the facility to schedule future deliveries for their favorite products at Shopify? Bold Subscription integrates with Shopify checkout to allow users to subscribe to utilize discounts, provide mixed cart checkout, choose different subscription intervals, self-management options, and much more.

Other than a unified cart, it also offers powerful API customizations to create tailored subscription setups. Use it to develop an offering that can be as simple or as complex as you want.

13.  TaxJar Sales Tax Automation by TaxJar

Do you wish for an easy way to manage sales taxes? We’ve got TaxJar for you.

It makes keeping track of taxes easy by keeping data easy to read, exportable, automatically submits returns to the state you are registered, and connects all of the platforms in which the seller has shops to create multi-channel support.

14.  Returnly: Returns and Exchanges by Returnly

One area where online stores lacks is the return and exchange policies. There are several reasons for returning products, including receiving a damaged product, product looking different than expected, or not fitting correctly.

Returnly can eliminate the friction out of the return process to allow the customer to buy another product using store credit even before shipping the original item to increase sales and build brand loyalty.

15.  Wishlist Plus

You can’t add everything to the cart; that’s why we have a wishlist. 

Wishlist Plus integrates with the Shopify store so that you can keep track of the items and engagement within a dashboard.

It is a hassle-free method for the customers to store their liked products and even share them with others.

16.  PageSpeed Monitor

Everyone hates a slow website that takes ages to load. The ideal load time for your website should be three seconds or less. If it’s taking any longer than that, you are losing many potential buyers.

Time to switch to PageSpeed Monitor; a plugin that will keep close tabs on your e-commerce store’s loading speed and offer suggestions to improve it. It checks the Google PageSpeed Insights hourly and sends an alert whenever an issue is resolved promptly.

17.  HubSpot CRM

Need to organize, track, and nurture your customers and leads? Let HubSpot CRM do it for you for free.

Use it to sync all your online store data and personalize your marketing campaigns. It will allow you to improve your sales and marketing strategies by emailing visitors who have abandoned items in their carts and help them move towards making a purchase.

18.  Sendinblue for Shopify

Sendinblue is 100% free for use and needs no coding skills. It lets you analyze email statistics, segment the emails based on previous purchases, and enables over 50,000 companies to send their emails using one single solution..

If you are looking for the easiest way to mix your marketing and lead nurturing strategies while staying connected in the same environment, Sendinblue is your solution.

19.  Spocket

Were you looking to search for the ideal products based on your specific requirements with convenience? Spocket to rescue.

It aims to make dropshipping top-products from the US and EU suppliers easy and let you know about suppliers that are physically closer to your store’s customers. 

20.  Userlike

The best way to connect with your Shopify store visitors is Live Chat. Userlike allows you to make the live chat as easy as it can be.

Rather than having your visitors search for your email or phone number, they can just start a chat with a single click. Live chat offers real-time and on-site nature that helps guide visitors throughout their website experience.

Moreover, with Userlike, you can customize your chat window, offer intelligent routing and canned messages. You also get chatbots and app integration facilities such as WhatsApp.

21.  Klaviyo: Marketing Automation

If you want to grow your Shopify store effectively, market your product to the ideal target demographic in a way that develops genuine relationships with customers over time.

Klaviyo keeps you up-to-date with all the latest trends and cues revealed by:

  • Website Visitors
  • Loyal Subscribers
  • Established Customers

Use this to ace your marketing strategies. The more knowledge, the more likely you are to launch a successful campaign.

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