Six Must-Know Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook has become a powerhouse for businesses generating more brand awareness and gaining loyal customers. 

With over 2 billion active users, It can do things most of us would have never dreamed of 10 years ago: target an insanely specific audience, sell products via a chatbot, host 360-degree videos, or even serve as a top news source for two-thirds of the adult population. 

Despite Facebook being the #1 way to reach potential customers, many business owners are still unaware of how best to go about social marketing. Here are six tips to finding success on Facebook in 2021: 

Win your audience by creating short and enticing video posts

Consumers these days don’t want to spend lots of time on one thing. Videos are one of the best ways to ensure people remember your brand and revisit your site. 

Video content isn’t just trending on Facebook; it’s a strategy that works to engage and convert website visitors, push leads down the funnel in email marketing campaigns, and fuel engagement across multiple social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Get your main message across in the first 3 seconds and create 60 seconds or shorter videos. 

Big companies like BuzzFeed have figured out the recipe for video engagement – keep it short and sweet, with a visually engaging thumbnail to convey clear, concise, single-minded messages that align with your ad objective.

Focus on the mobile experience

Mobile users take up 55.55 % of the market share. Try previewing your content on a mobile device before putting it out there for others to see. 

Mobile devices are changing the way you want to consume content. It’s critical to adopt a mobile-first strategy for videos and posts and design a seamless mobile experience.

Post more than just links

Content diversity is vital. Focusing on one type of content makes your audience lose interest in your posts, resulting in a lack of engagement.

Conventional wisdom has shown us that Facebook prefers text-based photos or videos rather than just posting links. It gives the audience a chance to interact with the brand leading to a higher reach and engagement. 

This question-based image post from SnapWeb Services is a brilliant example of a non-promo post that drives engagement:

Snapweb services facebook marketing quiz

Optimize your post timings

Timing is everything on Facebook. 

When you’re looking for optimizing engagement, you must remember that it isn’t always about ‘what you post’ instead ‘when you post.’

It doesn’t mean you stay vigilant and post on the spot. Now is where you can use the help of social scheduling. You can set up your Facebook to automatically post content in peak hours to maximize engagement and reach.

Want to make an effective Facebook presence? Then it is a must that you schedule all your content prior. 

Speed up your response time

What makes a brand stand-out? Their on-the-spot customer care service!

People expect a lot when it comes to brands answering their questions and queries. While you can’t be everywhere, doing so will show how much you care. 

For example, Spotify uses Chatbots to respond quickly to their customers’ comments and questions on Facebook from anywhere.

facebook marketing quiz by spotify

Target an insanely specific audience

You heard it right; brands can upload a list of emails directly into Facebook and then show ads to that targetted audience. 

Through Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature, you can target the leads you’ve captured from your newsletter and even a group of your existing customers that you’re trying to upsell.

If you haven’t experimented with Facebook ads, then you must! These provide flexibility and features like no other social ad platform out there, from video ads to promoted posts.

Extend reach with facebook marketing quiz

What is your #1 priority?

Adjusting your Facebook marketing doesn’t necessarily require an entire overhaul of your page. The majority of these tips can be implemented at an early stage sooner for brands looking to be visible in comparison to their competitors. So, which of these tips would you personally look to implement first?

Do you think you got all to get started? Take our quiz and find out

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