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Social media has revolutionized the way we connect with each other. Never before has it been so easy to reach the hearts and minds of billions of people. Recognizing that social media is the marketing powerhouse of the 21st Century, we are taking charge. SnapSocial is our unique and innovative protocol which quickly expands your social media influence. It was designed to save new and upcoming businesses the time and effort required to build an online following. Our formula finds what makes your target audience tick, creates content which gets them interested, and attracts loyal followers.

Building Presence

Getting started with a specifically targeted strategy for your niche is key. It exposes your business to a whole new target that it has never seen. Too bad, this initial step can be a step over in many businesses.

SnapSocial takes care of that burden! Whether i’d be starting from scratch or jumping aboard an already existing account. We provide full coverage of everything to increase your business to another level using social media.

Social Maintence

An established social media account should incorporate the following 3 things: daily posting, constant engagement, and slow & steady growth. We like to call this the “Golden Rule”. SnapSocial is based off the “Golden Rule”. We provide timely managed posting along with hashtags research done by our experts. We also are lovers at engaging, we like to chat with people about your business using your page. This helps build trust.

Measurements & Data

The 3rd rule of the “Golden Rule” is slow & steady growth and that is something that needs to be emphasized on. This makes sure your in route to success, and not being too annoying or excessive on your followers timeline. Also you need to keep track of the revenue which is coming from only social media, that way you know where to scale.

SnapSocial provides micro tracked reports to ensure you know every speck of what happens to your social media accounts. Also, our friendly project managers provide you with the freedom of choosing what you like on your account and what not.

The 3 Big Platforms

The Visual Aspect: Instagram

The first fully social media solely based on visualization to achieve such a high level of users. Instagram is easy for story telling and that makes it easy for you to build your brand identity. Due to its dependence on images and videos it helps the follower sense that refreshing feel of imagery. Also the use of hashtags gives a fast rate in which to grow at.

The Dominant: Facebook

With over 2.2 billion active monthly users, almost everyone uses Facebook. This low cost social media platform offers a wide range of services for marketing. But what controls them all is the micro targeted audiences. Facebook allows you to target your audience using methods like no other. Another way Facebook is a big helper to businesses is that it provides quick feedback which gives you the opportunity to superior and efficient growth.

The Loud: Twitter

This spammy feeling social media platform has advantages like no other. The consecutive post can actually be good for your business even though it might feel annoying. Twitter is an excellent platform in which to send out content due to the allowance of multiple post in one day.