CTA (Call-To-Action)

When a potential customer sees an ad over and over again on social media they tend to start having a negative vibe to that company. That’s why you need to make it look as organic as possible. Of course you need the actual ad copy the picture or video. But then you need that little cherry on top, the CTA (Call To Action). CTA’s are surprisingly extremely important. They add that friendly knowledge to let your fan base know that they are respected and acknowledged.

CTA’s are the text or the action to convert a visitor to do a certain action. CTA’s can be from 1 word long to a whole story. They can be in words, pictures, and videos. Don’t you remember Tai Lopez’s famous quote “her in my garage”. His CTA is his cars. Everyone wants to own a car like that so it persuades people to sign up for his class.

You have to make the consumer feel like he is seeing the ad from a personal preference. The page that is displaying the ad, is a page they like. CTA’s are essential when playing a part of ad making and they should not be treated improperly.

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Bilal Patoli
CMO, SnapWeb Services