The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Having a social media presence is not enough; you need to know how to use it properly to stay on the top.

While you may not be desperate to put yourself out there personally, Social platforms can be powerful drivers for your business and help boost brand awareness, website traffic, customer base, and even revenue.

With these attractive prospects in mind, here we bring a list of top do’s and don’ts to help you find the sweet spot in social media.

Do’s of Social Media Marketing

1. Keep your social media accounts updated

Think of your social media platforms as your digital first impression. Try to keep them active and updated all the time as partially completed profiles automatically seems to be less professional and lose credibility.

Take out some time to thoughtfully fill out all your profile information – including contact information, profile pictures, etc.

2. Share thoughtfully and be consistent

A human attention span has shortened to less than that of a goldfish, so engage your customers with compelling content. Add images when required, and always think about your page audience before posting anything.

Being consistent with the content is also one of the key things for a successful business. A common mistake like visual inconsistency often leads to trouble for brands.

Imagine the confusion when a customer who knows your brand goes on your business Facebook page and finds a different color scheme on every post or slightly different name. At this point, they are likely to give up and leave, either assuming they have got the wrong page or you do not have a formal one – and both assumptions can affect you badly.

Make sure to maintain brand consistency across all of your social media channels, including logos, names, and colors, to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

3. Set clear goals and track activities

Has anyone ever told you to set attainable goals? If not, do it now!

Setting clear goals helps you achieve a strong ROI and drive brand awareness. But always remember to track everything you do to manage your social media channels.

By analyzing, it feels good to know you are winning. More importantly, you get to see the growth. For instance, going from an average of 20 new followers per month to 100 per month is a small growth, but it is an achievement, and you can collect data about the improvements you are making to set future objectives.

4. Post regularly but do not over post

This boils down to the big question: How often should you post? The short answer to that would be, as often as you can post quality content, consistently.

Do not post infrequently – your audience will forget you. Do not post too much – you will overcrowd their feed. Post the right amount to maintain the engagement.

Here are few best social media marketing tips to get you started:

  • On Facebook, post at a minimum, 3 times per week. A max of once per day to start
  • You can go heavy on Twitter, post a minimum of three per day and a max of 30 times a day to start. You can also consider having a tweet or retweet at least once per hour.
  • For Instagram: At least once per day and a maximum of 3 per day is sufficient.
  • LinkedIn is quite formal, so post at least twice a week and no more than once each business day.
  • YouTube requires a specific posting schedule. Whether it be one video every Friday or two videos per week, design a schedule according to the content you can create.

5. Give priority to your audience

By this, we mean to interact with your audience. Build a connection online just like you would do in person.

One-sided conversations can get boring, leave you feeling left out and even push you to walk away. That is exactly what your followers are doing when you do not take them into account when posting.

So, start a conversation through your content, ask questions, respond to comments, and engage with other posts. In this way, you can grow and make your audience feel as if they are heard and appreciated.

Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

1. Do not over hashtag

Using too much hashtag was once a popular strategy to highlight your business, but this is no longer effective.

This is true that there is no science to hashtags, but overusing them can make the post feel less genuine and juvenile. If anything, you will attract more bots and fewer people who are actually interested in what you have to say.

2. Stop being needy

You do need more likes but begging for them is not an option. Never ask your followers to retweet or force your Facebook friends continuously to like your page. Instead, get creative and win your audience by share-worthy content.

3. Avoid being everywhere and do everything

Keep in mind that each social media network has its own purpose and audience. Understanding this and matching your content to the proper social media outlet is imperative for success. Study your brand thoroughly and choose your platforms accordingly – avoid being everywhere.

Focusing on multiple channels can actually do more harm than good. What if your target audience is women aged 13-19; their likelihood of being on LinkedIn is pretty low.

Choose your platforms according to your target audience as it will help promote your message more efficiently than being spread everywhere.

4. Don’t forget grammar check

An awesome post embedded with grammatical errors will make your follower’s eyes roll more than ever. Even such errors are minor but can ruin your credibility.

If you have made a mistake? Edit, delete and repost if appropriate. Be attentive to detail in general to avoid mishaps that can affect your brand image.

5. Don’t share the same message

Show your audience that you have real people behind your logo. Sharing the same message does more harm than help.

We know you want to sell, but pushing it too hard will bore your audience. Maintain a healthy balance by keeping the 80/20 rule in mind: 80 percent of the content you share should be entertaining while 20 percent of your social media communication should directly relate to the goods or services you provide.

Feeling like it is too much? We understand. But we hope that you now have a better understanding of social media marketing.

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