7 Most Important E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

Whether you sell perfume, electronic gadgets, or anything in between, there are bound to be competitors struggling for clicks and customers. Implementing e-commerce marketing strategies is the only way to compete in the online market.

Let’s suppose you sell rings for women. When one searches for it on Google, it will display everything from silver rings to rings studded with diamonds that cost thousands of dollars.

Somewhere between, you will find your business too. But how can you gain a winning edge over your competition is the real question?  The answer is that only those who go the extra mile for their customers manage to stand out in the crowd.

So if you want to know the secret to achieve higher revenue and more conversion every year, we have listed 5 E-commerce marketing strategies to help scale your online business.


You must have heard this word pop up a lot recently, SEO. As difficult as it might sound, it’s quite logical and straightforward.

SEO is one of the best e-commerce marketing strategies ever

It’s not just about attracting customers to your website but instead having qualified traffic that matters. E-commerce SEO optimization aims to make it easier for potential customers to find and browse through your site at any time while improving user experience to bring in more targeted traffic.

For a brand that solely relies on an e-commerce store, SEO is significant. Without this specific e-commerce marketing strategy, users might not even know about the existence of your store.  It promises to increase the visibility of your website and boost incoming leads.

SEO works to bring in visitors to your website that are interested in what you are selling. Hence, the odds of a lead user converting into a definite customer will work well in your favor.

Still not sure how to use SEO to your advantage? Leave to our team of expert SEO specialists.


Promote your e-commerce business on social media

Social media is a platform to connect with friends and family and businesses with potential customers.

It is a platform that gives you access to over 3.6 billion users worldwide for free that keeps increasing with time. Can you imagine how high your chances are to reach your target market using these platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more?

Don’t just use social media for the sake of advertising; use it right! The key to ace social media marketing is to ensure you focus on building customer relationships rather than just endlessly promoting your products. Customers don’t like the direct promotion of brands anymore. They want to hear it from other people, people with whom they can relate. Build relations with them by answering their questions about your products and interacting with them.

You can also use social media to boost customer feedback to create a fan base. When the customer enjoys using your product, they will most likely share it on social media. It helps position your e-commerce website as a precious source, while reviews build trust among potential customers.

You can use our social media marketing tips regarding the dos and don’ts of marketing on social media for your further assistance.


Pay per click is an internet marketing model where an advertiser pays a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. The popular form of PPC advertising is search engine advertising. When one searches on a keyword related to the business, advertisers bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links.

Even if you rank for keywords organically, you still need PPC to boost the site visits. It does not only help you generate traffic for the e-commerce site but also establishes organic rankings. Unless you are an extraordinary niche industry with massive traffic and close to zero competition, relying on PPC is the best outcome for your business, or at least for the starting phase.

Use paid campaigns to create awareness

Finding the best strategy for Pay-Per-Click advertising can be exhausting. Consulting an expert agency (like us!) can make your life easy.



Content marketing is your answer if you want to build a long-term relationship with your target audience.

It is all about providing your target audience with high-quality content. It focuses on showing the customers that you care for them regardless they purchase from you or not, which will create loyalty for your brand.

Let content be the king to guide customers

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different content types like blogs, quizzes, and webinars regarding e-commerce marketing strategy.

If the visitors find your content useful, it will increase your chances of gaining loyal customers. Moreover, you will earn credit as an authoritative source in your industry. There is nothing to lose here, and it’s a win-win situation for all.

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If you think email marketing is dead, you are wrong!

An email with great visuals and an excellent copy can help boost your sales if delivered to the right audience.

The first step for email marketing is to generate an email list, which can be done by asking visitors to subscribe by sharing their email address. Many companies offer a 10% discount code in exchange for the email address as an incentive.

best e-commerce marketing strategies
Email marketing is one of the best e-commerce marketing strategies

It is an effective and cost-free e-commerce marketing strategy that helps drive traffic, clicks, and purchases – all the factors necessary for any e-commerce business.

Whether you are engaging in email marketing for the first time or are a seasoned pro, we can help you. 


Influencer marketing is a type of collaboration.  A company collaborates with an influential person to promote something; it could be anything, a product, service, or campaign.

Do not think it to be more than just celebrity marketing. It is not only an up-to-date version of Emilia Clarke wearing ruby-red shade by Sephora and posing in front of thousands of followers. Instead, it promotes suitable products to a custom audience possessed by an influencer.

In today’s digital world, social content creators with niche audiences can often offer more value to brands than celebrity endorsements.

Anyone can be an influencer today. All you require is a large following on social media. It can be a famous photographer on Instagram, a marketing champion on LinkedIn, or a fashion blogger on Twitter.

But the BIG question is, why do you need one?

It’s because people trust people. Influencers spend massive time building trust and reputation within their followers. So if they promote your brand, you get their loyal audience for life.

Influencer marketing campaign is also a good e-commerce marketing strategy

Be sure to thoroughly research before you dive into influencer marketing. The key is first to find out, who has the audience that suits your brand, then set a budget to cap your project, determine goals that you expect to be achieved by the end of the campaign, and then you are all set to go.


If you want to thrive, strive for the customer!

Customer experience is how a brand communicates with its customers. Whether your product went out of stock, delivery got late, or simply the website failed to load, the way you deal with customers brings them back to your brand.

There are many ways a brand can increase customer experience: first and foremost, enhance the mobile experience. Most users use applications and websites on their mobiles. And nothing can be more annoying for a customer ready to purchase other than a poor user interface.

Customer experience is also one of the ranking factors on Google

Secondly, personalize the experience of shoppers through loyalty programs. When customers get back from their spendings, they love that feeling, making them more likely to come back to the same brand. Loyalty programs and gift cards make customers spend more on purchases than they usually would. Win-win for both.

When you provide a stellar experience, no matter what discounts the competitors throw your customer’s way, they are coming back to you!

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There are many e-commerce marketing strategies out there, but these seven strategies are reliable and effective. They range from free and instantaneous to those requiring a chunk of investment and months to show results.

If you are still unsure which strategy to opt for or ace it further, feel free to get in touch with us and let our team do the rest.

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