How to use an e-commerce quiz to boost customer engagement

Which “Game Of Thrones” character are you? Robb Stark, Jon Snow, or would you be Daenerys Targaryen? 

There’s no shame in admitting that we are all tricked into taking quizzes online, but did you know that we are passing on some “crucial information” to the brands aside from character identification? 

Quizzes are the most powerful personalization tool that plays on people’s inherent self-interest and desire to define themselves. That’s why you’re seeing them all over your social media platforms – they are a fun and easy way to boost customer engagement.

Marketers believe that such interactive content provides value with more significant engagements that result in repeat visitors. They bring an in-store retail experience to your online store; by asking questions about customers’ preferences, challenges, and desires that forms a buyer profile, leading to product recommendations. 

So here we guide you through the process of creating the most-engaging quizzes and how you can benefit from them:  

First step: Hit the audience with the right title 

Now it isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

The brand’s objective and target audience are what you need to keep in mind before setting the right title.  People always want to challenge themselves, so always try quiz titles that put them on the test. Such as ‘How well do you know Facebook Marketing’? 

Furthermore, start it with a blank.  Use the “Which/What (Blank) Are You?” Title –to grab more attention. It (Blank) can be substituted for whatever your heart desires, and it’s the perfect way to get an audience involved because, let’s face it, sometimes we absolutely must know which character we are from Gilmore Girls.

Next: Choose the right type of Quiz that fits your brand

Never experiment with a universal quiz that can reach any audience. Types break down quizzes, and the style you choose should be according to your target audience. The most common quiz types are as follows: 

  1. Product recommender 

It is the most common type you’ll see from eCommerce brands. For businesses with large product catalogs, a product recommender is a great way to introduce customers to a select number of products beneficial to them.  

For example, a make-up brand can ask customers for their age, facial skin, and plan to wear makeup and their go-to product. In the end, they can recommend a few best products that fit the customer’s profile.

eCommerce Quiz

  1. The Personality Quiz

This quiz type will take a customer’s answers and determine which personality they fall under, complimenting them in the end. These types of the quiz are super popular because people generally like to hear good things about themselves. 

Customer engagement eCommerce Quiz

  1. The Knowledge Test – Educational and Entertainment

Such type essentially gauges how much someone knows about a particular subject. This one lies in the category of educational quizzes and delivers results based on accuracy. The quiz will let you know on the spot if you got an answer right or wrong and tally up your total score in the end for you to review.


  1. Choose your adventure

It is best for businesses that sell products or packages related to travel and vacation. It can help you engage with your audience to understand their vacation style and recommend your best products based on what you learn. For example, is a customer looking for a beach adventure? Maybe they need a beach hat, bathing suit, or just some cool sunglasses to protect their eyes.

Don’t ask random questions: Shoot for the accurate ones

Now that you’ve got your title and type decided, it’s time for the questions. 

Consider it as your BIGGEST opportunity to connect with your audience as the engagement factor is derived from the questions, so the more personal you are, the deeper the connection. Add a unique element to your questions like, Do you remember the last time you tried a home remedy for dandruff? Such types of questions are devoid of any pressure, and it just feels natural. Moreover, try some graphics for your questions; it helps to maximize engagement. 

Closeout your quiz with an extra push

You’re almost there! 

All that’s left is the result of your quiz; based on which you will be able to expose the audience to your products in a more personalized way. 

But don’t stop there? Convince your audience to share their quiz results so more people might take it, and discover the products that fit their needs. 

We know someone might not want to share that they have dry, frizzy hair, but match this trait to a celebrity that seemingly is the same and win them all over.  

The real question: What can you do with an eCommerce quiz? 

Gather ultimate data to personalize your customer experience

Every quiz question tells something about your customer. Whether you’re asking about their age or favorite body-care product, you’re learning information that can be used whenever you engage with them in the future.

It divides your visitors into categories based on personality traits (related to your brand) – enabling you to offer them a personalized shopping experience, which has converted better than generalized suggestions. 

So, Instead of overwhelming them by showing your whole assortment of products and letting them search and apply filters themselves, you can suggest products that match their personality and preferences based on their answers.

On-board new customers to your online store 

Stand out from the crowd and onboard new customers to your store with an engaging quiz! It’s a brilliant way to get to know about your potential buyers. 

Your quiz questions will let you know who your shoppers are and what they want. Personalize your marketing messages based on your customer’s responses. 

Boost sales via personalized quizzes

So what makes this BeautyBio quiz so apt? Its relatability with the customer. They devised a virtual consultation to help customers discover their perfect skincare routine.

Make your quiz relatable to your targeted market to build new sales opportunities, just like Beauty Bio. 

Improve your retargeting

With a quiz, you’re receiving more than just an email address to engage with customers in the future as it collects data on users with every question. 

Using a Facebook Pixel, you can set up a retargeting campaign on your page where those quiz users get entertained with personalized ads based on their quiz answers and known interests. So, your store can continuously engage with every customer, whether through ads, email, messenger, or SMS campaigns. 

Take help from a post-purchase survey

Surveys have always been one of the best ways to get customer feedback. After a customer makes a purchase, invite them to fill a quiz about their experience shopping at your store and your products for detailed feedback.

Not only does this help to get feedback from your customer, but allows understanding them better. 

And It’s Your Turn Now

Do you think you’ve got a better feel for eCommerce quizzes now?  If not, we can help you do so! 

Let SnapWeb help you make the shift from now to next.

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