5 Tips for Healthcare Marketing Strategy in 2021

Today’s healthcare patients are tech-savvy. Instead of calling their general practitioner for assistance, they need to pull out their phone and search for “physician near me.” In a blink of an eye, over a dozen names and addresses appear with the patient’s reviews in their vicinity. You can book an online appointment or read your doctor’s profile by snapping your fingers a few times. For this reason, the healthcare marketing strategy in 2021 is utterly essential.

With so much online information and accessibility, healthcare patients have more options than ever before. They do not need to visit their closest hospitals. All they need is to use their phone to Google for a healthcare specialist.

When consumers are turning to online search engines for healthcare queries, you also need to follow the top five trends in healthcare marketing strategy to thrive your practice.

Top 5 Ways to Champion Healthcare Marketing Strategy in 2021

1. Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

No! We are not talking about having a website. A trendy feature is having a mobile-optimized website so search engines can direct relevant traffic to your healthcare business. When a patient searches on mobile, your website then adjusts automatically to the size of a mobile screen, enhancing user experience.

With its mobile-first index, Google ranks the mobile-optimized version of your website on the search engine. This means, when you have a mobile version of your website, it appears in front of Google for particular search terms. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website for your healthcare business, you are losing a major chunk of online traffic.

Apart from optimizing your website for mobile, the most important healthcare marketing strategy in 2021 is to consider the patient’s preferences when designing the website. Having a patient portal will help them make an online appointment, make online payments, and quick communication with specialists. These additions will not make a difference until your website meets the following needs.

Fast & Friendly: An ideal load time for a website is three seconds. Otherwise, you will suffer a higher bounce rate. Also, you cannot make a patient wander around on a website. Make sure the website is well designed to offer all the needful information on the landing page.

Secure: For any reason, if your website is not secure, you can lose revenue. Because the first thing a new patient looks for is the team of nurses and doctors. When your patients cannot browse securely to access information, certainly you have got a problem.

Mobile-friendly: A majority of healthcare queries are made online using smartphones. Having a mobile-friendly website allows users to share a mobile site or read a quick review before choosing a healthcare facility.

2. Optimize for Search Engines

One of the most essential digital marketing practices in the healthcare industry is search engine optimization (SEO). It means your website has a highly optimized landing page with sitemaps, meta tags, image optimization, and more. Together, all these make your website rank higher on a search engine.

If you think that the market is saturated with the SEO practice in the healthcare industry and it is difficult to rank on top. Fret no more as we have a way out for this problem.

Instead of focusing on the shorter keywords, target long-tail keywords that are composed of three to five words. This means you have to be ultra-specific to your business, location, or your specialty. For instance, ‘MRI scan in Ohio’ or ‘dermatology treatment in Kansas City’.

By targeting long-tail keywords for our clients in the healthcare industry, we can rank on the first page of Google. Though, long-tail keywords attract less traffic but are easier to rank on the search engine.

Optimize SEO for healthcare marketing strategy in 2021
Optimizing for long-tail keywords is a good digital marketing strategy in intense competition

Always keep an eye on the search volume of the keywords because not all the keywords are created equal. The keywords with a higher search volume generate more traffic. One of the best SEO techniques to beat the local competition is to get yourself on Google My Business (GMB).

After authenticating the location of your business, you will benefit from the most popular search query, “health clinic near me.” In other words, Google will direct all the queries in the vicinity when you rank for such keywords. For instance, ‘allergy + treatment + city’ or ‘allergy + doctor + city’.

That’s not all. Optimizing your website for voice research is another tip for healthcare marketing strategy in 2021. Don’t wait for the market to be flooded with voice search optimization and take the lead.

3. Don’t Neglect Content Marketing

Content marketing prevails when it comes to relevancy in 2021. Having content encompassing videos, health blogs, social media posts, and podcasts are a new marketing trend in the healthcare industry. It is like investing in the outlook of your business that not only visually appeals to the audience but also offers clear information.

Healthcare professionals can improve their public relations with healthcare content marketing practice. There are virtually endless opportunities where some include health tips, patient testimonials, podcasts, and one-minute videos among others. Your healthcare facility can leverage the following content.

Educational videos: Making videos on commonly asked questions about a particular treatment enhances the consumer’s experience. Helping patients understand a particular medical condition or how they can book an appointment with a doctor.

Health tips: Another crucial content marketing practice is to offer free health tips or preventive measures to the patients. It will keep viewers engaged with your website which is one of the emerging content marketing trends in 2021.

Physician Profiles: Presenting a short video profile is a great way to introduce your physicians. The video can feature their accomplishments, years of practice, and specialty.

Patient review videos: One of the most crucial practices in the healthcare industry are reliable patient reviews. The stakes are too high in this industry and the reviews from previous patients can build trust among new users.

4. Manage Your Reputation

Swallow this, your customers are not going to choose your services because of accessibility if you have negative user reviews. One of the most important healthcare marketing strategies in 2021 and will continue in the future is your reputation. According to a survey, while searching for a new doctor 71% of the patients use online reviews as a first impression. These statistics paint a clear picture that reviews are crucial in the healthcare industry.

It is the same as trying a new restaurant and choosing the one with the best star rating. When it comes to your health, you cannot compromise by choosing a service with a 2-star rating average. So always gather patient reviews and have testimonials on your website so potential customers can make an informed decision.

online reviews is best healthcare marketing strategy in 2021
The best healthcare marketing strategy in 2021 is to gather online reviews

Healthcare businesses can nurture their reputation by asking their patients to leave a review online. Another survey revealed that 76% of patients trust online reviews as personal recommendations. Moreover, 89% of the users in the healthcare industry look at the reviews.

For that reason, encourage your staff to ask for online reviews to increase your reputation. A video review on the other hand is more reliable and appealing to potential customers. Make sure to display reviews on your website and social media prominently.

In a case when you receive a negative review, get in touch with a patient and respond politely even if the reviewer is unreasonable. The reviews and your responses make an insight among the customers and might also incentivize them to give you another chance.

5. Standout and Be Consistent

As a healthcare provider, what makes you different from the competition? If you have not figured it out yet, now is the time. To stand out from the competition, you not only need to tell the world, but you also ought to prove it.

All the healthcare services treat patients and empathize with their conditions but fail to distinguish their practice. Some of the healthcare providers have the state-of-the-art facility but they do not leverage such aspects in their marketing strategy.

You can achieve uniqueness by addressing the issues of your patients in a personalized manner. It will help you put your heads and shoulders above the competition. Consider the following practices to outmaneuver your competitors.

Adding a personal touch: Though it is a traditional marketing tactic keeping your patients up close is a novel way to outsmart your competitors. The personal information of the customers can be used to inform them about new services, wishing them good health or reminding them about their appointment.  

Empathizing with patients creates trust and value in healthcare staff

Welcoming and dedicated staff: Having a team of dedicated healthcare professionals is not only a part of a marketing plan. It is a key aspect of a healthcare service provider where a patient feels empathy, friendliness, and emotional attachment. Your staff can make a huge difference when treating patients as no patient wants to be treated coldly.

A modern facility: A top-tier health facility encompasses an attractive look, latest technology, bright lighting, and an airy place. It will help the patients resonate with the environment and develop a favorable impression. Creating some memorable slogans can also uplift the brand positioning of your hospital.

There is intense competition ahead for the healthcare service providers and riding the wave can help you stay atop. It is the job of marketers to help their clients optimize their marketing strategy in 2021. Some of the prominent businesses in Houston have chosen us to benefit from new marketing opportunities. If you want your business to thrive, contact us now.  

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