Best SEO Techniques to beat your competition in 2021

With the world-changing, there is so much to dig into when talking about SEO in 2021.

A great SEO strategy relay on three pillars; the best content, the best content distribution plan, and the best site optimization. But what is the secret to winning at SEO in 2021?

So, if you want higher Google rankings in 2021, here are the top 10 techniques you need to know.

Top 10 Techniques for SEO in 2020

1. Track your competition

Before we dive into details, analyze your website performance along with your competitors.

The best SEO technique is to sort out the best-performing pages and check them out for keywords, link gaps, and existing content. There are many websites where you can analyze the organic traffic of your competitors or head over to Keyword Rank Checker, a tool that can determine your page ranking based on keyword search.

Workout your SEO plan in 2021 to overcome your competitors

Study the best pages of your competitors and work on a plan to steal the same traffic for your web pages.

2. Better User Experience

In 2021, focus on the user and search intent.

Google algorithms are constantly updating – making it smarter and more powerful. It is getting better at determining site quality, which means you need to optimize your site in the best way, as poor-quality sites are less likely to rank.

If your website looks fake, outdated, amateurish, or is slow to load, potential users are likely to bounce back to the SERPs and click on another result. Hence, you lose a potential conversion, and your bounce rate will be increased.

To improve user experience, optimize your content for readability. So how do you make your post easy to read? The following tips can help you do so:

  1. Write quality content: First of all, you have to create content in a meaningful way so that you can justify why you wrote that in the first place. Formatting does matter but not more than perfect tone, error-free grammar, and correct spellings.
  2. Include sub-headers: People are always in a hurry; they do not spend more than 30 minutes on an article. Boost that time by adding sub-headings in your pieces.
  3. Add Images: Picture speaks a thousand words, remember? Blogs without images are daunting so add lots of relevant images to your text to make your ideas more compelling.
  4. Use shorter-paragraphs: Make a rule, never write a paragraph of more than 4 lines. Smaller paragraphs explain your idea beautifully than a long 10-lines paragraph.

Website speed is also crucial for users; it can make or break your performance in Google search results. The probability of bounce increases by 32% if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load.

One survey found that nearly 70% of consumers said that page speed affects how willing they are to buy from a website.

3. Improve Your Organic CTR

Click-through-rate is used as a ranking factor. It defines the rate at which search appearances of your page are converting into clicks.

CTR is affected by two elements; Title tag and meta description. You can check each title tag separately and understand which one of them is searched the most, and if you want faster results, you can control PPC to test the meta tags, meta descriptions, and title tags.

If you have not started the Pay Per Click campaign for your website, it is beneficial to set up ads to check which title tags and meta descriptions work.

4. Focus on Voice Search

In 2021, one of the biggest trends in SEO will be the massive rise of voice search volume. It will further grow with Google Home and Amazon Echo devices taking a prominent place in every home globally.

One of the best tips for SEO in 2021 is to optimize for voice search

To optimize for voice search, work on your keywords, and identify longer phrases that people use in everyday conversation. Voice searches tend to do better with longer, more natural-sounding phrasing than abbreviations. For instance, a person might voice search; What are the best digital marketing practices for 2021? But type the words, best digital marketing practices 2021!

5. Design for Mobile

Remember, all SEO should be mobile SEO.

Ensure your content performs well on a mobile as major searches and half of all purchases take place on it.

In 2019, Google rolled out mobile-first indexing, which means it will essentially ignore your desktop site, and your mobile site will determine your ranking.

To make your page mobile-friendly, ensure Google can crawl your URLs, and interactive content containing swiping or clicking are visible as Googlebot does not load such content.

6. Follow E.A.T Principle

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This new algorithm is something you should know about if you use the content for marketing purposes. In this, the rating quality of the content depends upon the authority and expertise of the writer.

Suppose you are a famous novelist who people know about, so according to the E.A.T Principle, your chance to rank higher before your competition increases.

To fulfill EAT criteria; focus on personal branding, back up claims with facts, and give links to reputable sites to prove your statement.

7. Steal Your Competitor’s Broken Backlinks

Remember 404 Error? Search 404 pages on your competitors’ websites and try to build the broken backlink with similar content from your website. In this way, you can help the user find useful content rather than ending up with a dead link.

8. Add Videos and Images

Ramp up the use of infographics and videos where ever they will be most valuable. If the images on your website are not optimized, do it now. Use high-resolution images, and make sure to customize the file name, labeling the photo file, so it’s relevant to the content on the corresponding page.

Another tip for SEO in 2021 is to make your content visually appealing to engage readers

9. Don’t forget the local search! 

Local SEO is crucial – and it’s evolving. It helps businesses to promote their products and services to local customers. Most people use the internet to search for things around their locality as ‘Best barbershop near me.’

To start with a local search, get yourself on Google My Business. It is a tool that helps your business to meet google requirements. Once Google recognizes your business as authentic, you can be rewarded with a coveted sidebar space in local search.

10. Improve SERPs with long-form content

Long-form content along Google EAT guidelines is that one practice that can help you to outrank your competition. According to a study, long reads of 3,000-plus words get three times more traffic and four times more shares.

Start focusing on long-form content if you intend to rank higher but make sure to add headings to make it more scannable.

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