Email Marketing


Our Approach

Email marketing is often the biggest online marketing lever a brand can push, and we can help your brand to effectively build an email list with quality names or harvest a high ROI with their list.

We provide only the most qualified type of email campaigns.
  • Email is the most intimate and unique way to build a lifelong relationship with a customer. Unlike other channels, people actually opt in, and prefer to communicate with brands via email. In using email, you’re creating a personal connection with subscriber's — nurturing, engaging and providing relevant content through all stages of their buyer journey.
  • We do things a little bit differently. At SnapWeb, we let our human-centered philosophy inform our email strategies; we strongly believe email is one of the best methods for building relationships, but it has to be done correctly. From tight, strategic segmentation to thoughtful email design and creative integration, we’re all about delivering actual value into your audience’s inboxes.

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How Do We Do It?

Our Email Marketing Strategy

At SnapWeb we conduct plenty of research to draw up one of the best qualified email marketing strategies to conduct with your company.

Email Template Design

We design the most tailored email template that fits best with your industry to add the special wow factor.                                                                             

Tracking & Reporting

We track and report all the numbers that come out of your campaign to analyze the number of opens, clicks, etc so we can scale your campaigns further.                                                                        

Email Marketing Campaigns

We combine our marketing strategies,the templates & the tracking to create the most effective and efficient email marketing campaign for your company.