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Keep your customers ENGAGED

The world is always moving and always changing. So why shouldn’t you? Staying active and engaging your customers is the best way to keep them invested in the growth of your business.

SnapMail is our unique brand of Email Marketing designed to convert your customers’ attention into sales. Our graphic design team creates email templates specifically tailored to an effective sales funnel. Once the emails are sent to your ecosystem of subscription lists, your leads will convert not just once, but time after time again. Just sit back and count the cash.

Create Leads

First step in email marketing is to build up the list. In order to do that you need to be advertising your business all over the internet. Ways to do this is by using our advertising services or even going out of the way so do your own. You need to make sure these are warm leads and have the potential of converting, because the last thing you want is to send out emails to people who don’t care about your product/service.

Get Sales

The root of it all, sales. The main reason for any sort of marketing is sales. And that’s why we design our email campaigns in a way where it seems like a quiet sale. It’s not even noticed by the subscriber but its still there. With our upsell techniques it’s almost guaranteed.

Clutch & Dispatch

We integrate with the 3rd party email app “MailChimp”. MailChimp has a simple interface which is easy to use while it brings beautiful designs to life. Also it makes reporting more efficient than ever. With easy to read data put in simple words you’ll never worry about being lost. MailChimp also provides a built-in ecommerce segment. This makes multi-marketing much more simpler.

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