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As a business, you don’t just sell a product. You sell an idea. You sell a vision. You sell your customers the confidence they have that you will improve their lives. Upholding this reputation is as important to your business as delivering an exceptional product. SnapPR is your tool to boost your business’s image in the public eye. SnapPR uses quick customer support and spam reduction to ensure positive image in the eyes of your customers.

Google My Business

The most powerful platform in which judges a person’s decision. We love to use Google My Business because it is the first to show up on the Google search and it has the rating stated in bold. It’s also an easy first impression as well. Because it shows your businesses images right on the top. Along with the time the business is open and at what times it is busy or not.


A divas favorite. Yelp is one of, if not the best reputation platform on the web. It is the Facebook of deciding where people are going to go eat, fill up gas, grab a snack, and so much more. Having a high rep on Yelp is extremely crucial because it carves out your business to the millennial generation. It is highly used by most businesses target audience. Having no presence on Yelp is kind of having a blind business to the world.

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