How to Turn New Customers into Returning Customers

Studies show that you are 50% more likely to sell to an existing customer than a new prospect.

Not only this, repeat customers are vital to the success of your eCommerce business – they’re the absolute foundation upon which a profitable eCommerce company builds.

retaining customers
Investing in existing customers turn enhances their loyalty

So what are you doing to make customers swoon once you’ve already attracted them? Here is how you can do just that and keep your existing customers buying from you again and again and again.

Reward Your Customers – We cannot emphasize this enough 

One way to help them back to the store is by offering discounts on their next purchases.

Not only does this repeat business, but it also strengthens the bond between you and your customer.

Introducing loyalty programs also work like magic; For instance, If the prospect scheduled an appointment at an ABC SPA, they’ll gain access to a special loyalty card that would work like this: For every Five massages, get one free.

While coupons attract one-time purchases, loyalty programs inspire repeated visits without the need for constant reminders.

Bonus point – If your loyalty program is structured right, your repeated customers will spread the word and acquire more leads.

retaining customers with loyalty progtam
Loyalty program is one of the ways to retaining customers

Do not Underestimate the Value of Customer Service

The primary goal of any business is to attain lifetime loyalty from customers, and this is easily possible by providing a best-in-class premium experience to them.

Value feedback
Retaining customers is a priority for many companies

Every business must focus on two aspects of customer service:

On-floor Customer Service: When a customer walks into your store, it can be overwhelming to be surrounded by so many products. A well-trained customer service representative should help customers overcome the overwhelming feeling and find the product that fits them best. If the customer service representative understands the customer well and shows products they love, they might spend more than they anticipated.

And After-sales service is all about how effective is the relation between the brand and client after the sales. Offering exchange or returns without putting the customer through hell, taking their feedback seriously, addressing their problem, and looking into a complaint they have, all these aspects are essential to offer good after-sales service.

Here’s how you can level-up your customer service game:

  • OFFER LIVE DEMOS & TRAINING: No matter how challenging a customer is, it is crucial always to make them feel welcomed through training and demos. Offer live video chat so that the customer gets to clarify all their queries and get highly satisfied with your brand.
  • LIVE CHAT: All it takes for the customer to switch to your competitor is one bad experience! You can avoid this easily by ensuring the customer receives extensive support through personalized live chat support.
  • RESOLVING PROBLEMS THROUGH CO-BROWSING: Sometimes, videos and instructions are not enough to resolve customer problems. This where co-browsing comes in handy. Co-browsing enables your staff to gain access to your customer’s screen and resolve issues within minutes.

Follow Them with an Email Marketing Campaign

Smart email follow-ups are the KEY for a successful business.

They are a super powerful tool driving one-time customers making multiple purchases from you.

Email marketing to retaining customers
Companies use email marketing to get in touch with retaining customers

Email marketing generates feedback, reviews, updates sales, and promotions, reminds about products added to the cart/wishlist, launches new products, and much more.

Incorporate these strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Spice up the subject 
  • Add a personalized touch to every email so that the customer feels special.
  • Experiment with emojis to add a lighter tone to the email – it helps connect with the people of the current age.
  • Keep your email brief and straightforward.
  • Use pictures and infographics that go with your brand
  • Add links to the products or website to make it hassle-free for customers.

Finding email marketing interesting? To read more, click here.

Customer Feedback Should be Proactive Rather than Reactive

Your business is your prized possession – It can be challenging to hear someone scrutinize it, which is why many companies run away from feedback and reviews.

Feedback from retaining customers
Customer feedback is important to estimate number of retaining customers

There is no better telling you how you can improve your brand’s aspect better than a regular customer. They have the most experience with your product and service with firsthand knowledge of what’s working out and what’s not.

Customer feedback is vital if you wish to offer the best customer experience for your business. Without useful customer feedback, it can be challenging to know customer’s preferences.

Make customer feedback proactive rather than reactive since customers will not come to you telling what improvements your product requires. It is the brand’s responsibility to approach the customers and upgrade the products as per the feedback. 

Here are some tips to generate feedback effectively:

  • Create a proactive customer communication approach using different communication channels, such as chatbots, live-chat sessions, in-app messaging, etc.
  • Once done with the feedback process, analyze the input to watch for common patterns. Use the pattern to improve the product.
  • Based on the feedback you receive, make the necessary upgrades to the product/service to appeal to your target market.
  • Inform your customers once their recommendations are updated. It helps increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn rates drastically.

Use the Power of Social Media

Social media advertising can help boost your sales by a sizably.

So allocate some of your advertising budgets to social media marketing. Use it to run paid ads that target your (specific) audience.

You can also use social media to share helpful content that might not directly relate to your product but helps the customer.

For example, a Hair oil brand positing tips on “How to make your hair healthy?” or how to create “DIY Hair Masks.” This strategy helps increase customer engagement on your social media accounts.

Repositing pictures shared by customers, posting reviews by loyal customers, and using testimonials to tell a story helps customers believe in your product through the words of someone they can relate to.

Want to read about social media marketing in detail? We got your back.

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