All that you need to know about Google Ads Ad Extension

Do you wish to be a top performer in a crowded online marketplace? Use Google Ad extensions and improve your campaigns.

Ad extensions are super useful because it enhances your Google ads with additional information like telephone numbers, ratings, reviews, and links from your website.

But you know the best thing about them is that they are free and available to all advertisers. There is no additional cost to add extensions to your campaign, which means clicks on your ad (including your extension) will be charged as usual.

Do not think of them as a tool that only extends ad length; it can do a lot more than that. Let us explore all about Google Ad extensions so that you can start using them right away.

What are Google Ad extensions?

If you are new to Google marketing, you may not be familiar with Ad extensions. As the name suggests, it expands your advertisement to make it more useful for users by including additional information.

You get better visibility and prominence on the search result page by adding more content to your ads. Hence, more content increases your total number of clicks and give customers interactive ways of reaching your brand.

Remember, when your ads experience higher clickthrough rates, other metrics, such as quality score, go up, and your cost per click will go down. So, spend less while gaining more!

How to create Ad Extensions?

Ad Extensions give better performance and easy to use. It can be created during the ad creation process or by the Ads manager in a few minutes as you only need to fill in details in the given template.

In the Google dashboard, click over to extensions in the ‘Ads and Extension’ tab, and you will get several different extensions to choose from. Now click on the create button to get started.

Setting up Google Ad Extensions
Getting started with the Google Ad Extensions

Each extension type will give you the option to enter information, and many will ask for descriptions and even URLs. Try to fill out each field with information you have, including the optional one to make the most out of the extension.

It also has an Advance options tab at the bottom of the page that allows customizing the audience for your extension.

Most Effective Google Ad Extensions

Google offers several ad extensions, divided into two types, manual and automated, that increase ad rank and CTR. Take a look at the most useful Google ad extensions and when to use them:

Manual Ad Extension

Manual extensions are the ones where advertisers choose to set up and enable extensions by adding information manually. They are not updated automatically and are mostly static.

  • Sitelinks Extensions: Sitelinks are additional links in your advertisement that directly take your customer to the targeted page. They are clickable and best for seasonal campaigns. For example, festival promotions or a free demo work very well here.

It even identifies customers’ preferences more closely by measuring the clicks going to specific pages.

Sitelink Extensions
You can direct your customer to a targeted page with Sitelink Extensions
  • Call Extensions: If your business thrives on customers calling in, then the Call Extension can drive the right kind of conversion for it. It gives the customer a way to call your office through a search result.

Businesses such as car dealers, call centers can take full advantage of this extension. It will help to evaluate their ROI by giving a detailed report of calls driven by the campaign.

Call Extension is a popular Google Ad Extension
One of the best Google Ad Extensions to display your contact info is Call Extension
  • Call out Extension: It is by far the most popular and universal extension among all. These are short phrases that expand ads by giving beneficial information you want to convey, such as free shipping, 24/7 support service, etc.
Callout Extensions offer quick information about your business
  • Structured Snippet Extensions: These are essentially like Sitelinks extensions but more noticeable. It enables you to list the specific brands, services, products, or destinations you offer by a colon. They’re shown below your ad description in a list format preceded by a header rather than a hyperlink.
Snippet is an important Google Ad Extensions
Another popular Google Ad Extension is structured snippet extension

Automated Ad Extensions

Unlike manual extensions, they add automatically when Google Ads predicts they’ll improve your campaign’s performance. There is no setup required for these, so they don’t appear as an option when creating manual extensions.

  • Dynamic Sitelinks: What makes Dynamic Sitelinks the dynamic is the ability to showcase popular pages within your ads, making it easier for customers to navigate your website. They are clickable text that can boost click volume.
Dynamic Sitelinks are common Google Ad Extensions
Your customers can easily navigate your website with dynamic sitelinks
  • Dynamic call out: It highlights the benefits of automatically searching a particular service and providing call-to-action. These are non-clickable text that draws attention to your service or product and makes ads more enticing.

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