Using Instagram Influencers

Finding the target Facebook ad audience can be a very difficult and money draining experience. First you have to find the product, the right picture, and the hardest part, the target audience.

Why suffer all those steps when you don’t have to…

“Instagram Influencers”. That’s it.
All you have to do is find the hot product in your niche and then a quick 20 minute research and you’re set.

Ok… It’s easy, but not that easy.
There are a few important factors to look at when researching.
First off, the Page.​ Is the page right for your niche? There’s no point in showing a dog collar to a car page. The majority if not all the people won’t give a crap about a dog collar. They’re just trying to look at some exotic fast cars.

Second, the Followers.​ Despite opinions, the amount of followers do NOT matter. All pages are different some can be about people or some can be about a niche. We are going to use a niche page for example. If the page has 2 million followers I’m not going to get a shout out from them right away because they have a lot of followers. I’m going to check if they’re real or not. There are 2 main methods in finding out if a pages followers are real. My personal favorite one is the 5% rule. You take the number of followers they have and multiply it by 0.05% and with the product you get. That should be their average number of likes. But don’t stop there. Check the comments as well, and see if they are getting a lot of comments.

The third step is Contacting them. ​So now that you have found a page that you want to market your product. Now how do you contact them in order to post your picture. It’s simple. Go to the bio and see if they have a Kik or an email. After that, all you have to do is message them what are their rates/cost. Which brings us to step number four.

The fourth step, Rates. ​Now that you have contacted them, you need the rates. No one will help you out for free so don’t even attempt. You need to ask them what are their hourly rates. Depending on the legitimacy of the followers, the price will either be really high or really low. Most influencers are not that smart so you can usually bargain the price down.

Bilal Patoli
CMO, SnapWeb Services