Seven tips for Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns!

Valentine’s Day is not only a time for couples but also marketers

Suppose you think that this holiday is not worth the hype. Just consider that people spend an average of $130.97 on Valentine’s Day for their loved ones. And last year only, shoppers set a new spending record by hitting $20 billion of sales in the United States, making it one of the biggest shopping festivals of the year.

So roll up your sleeves to grab a slice of these sales by crafting killer V-Day email campaigns, even if you are not in the business of heart, jewelry, or perfumes.

Like any big holiday, the pressure is enormous; when should you send it? How many emails? What kind of promotion should you offer?

Do not stress it! Here we bring quick-win ideas to create an incredible Valentine’s Day email campaign for ANY company or product.

Start it with an Alert – Early promotions

The early bird gets the worm – this saying rings true in the world of marketing. To maximize the potential of your Valentine’s Day email campaign, you have to launch it at least a week in advance, preferably two.

Your first email should include the basic: a simple reminder to people that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner should be enough. Getting the word out beforehand gives shoppers more time to choose something from your store and have it arrive in time to celebrate.

Valentines day email marketing campaign
Create excitement with valentine’s day email marketing campaign

Another way to create excitement and anticipation amongst the customers is to send a sneak peek email of your Valentine’s Day sale. It is a great way to keep the customer engaged. Be sure to send in the actual sale announcement soon afterward.

Segmentation – Appeal to the right people

Now is when you put your customer data to great use. The way you segment your Valentine’s Day email list depends upon the data you have. Since all your customers will not be interested in the same products, segmenting your emails will help.

Send valentine’s day emails to the right customers

The relevant segments you should use on Valentines Day include:

Purchase history; this will help you identify which customer buys from which particular category. It will now be easier for you to include special offers for products from that category.

Gender; at this time, sales are at an influx as both men and women shop for their loved ones. Keep in mind that men will be looking for products for women and vise versa.

Past year sale; by looking at categories purchased last year, you will get a clear idea of which products to recommend this year-round.

Spice up your copy

To stand out, you must come up with an eye-catching copy and template that is bound to get a second glance.

Customers get so many V-Day promotional emails that they tend to skim through them rather than reading intently. So make your email stand out. Use graphic and artsy pictures but remember to keep the message simple. Nothing kills a well-drafted email more than overdoing.

engaging valentines day email marketing campaign
Spice up your valentine’s day email marketing campaign with engaging copyrighting

Your primary aim is to keep your subject lines short and sweet to catch attention. However, reduce or eliminate the use of hearts and think outside the box instead. Use interactive content since this is a huge trend, be sure to include a fun quiz, video, or spin-the-wheel in your Valentine’s day message. It is bound to increase engagement and sales.

Inspire with a V-Day gift guide!

A gift guide is an excellent option to consider when sending out your first Valentine’s Day email. When you repeatedly give gifts to the same person many times a year, you can often run out of ideas. Believe it when we say, gift guides are a highly searched phrase during celebratory seasons.

Inspire your customers with a valentines day gift

Gift guides build excitement and get the customers thinking about their purchase. The key is to provide a smooth guide that transitions from one item to the next while mentioning your things together. Because email marketing is brand-specific, mentioning multiple products of your brand will most likely result in a sale. 

Give an extra nudge with retargeting

If someone has clicked your emails several times but has yet to make a purchase, you might be dealing with a procrastinator. These shoppers wait for the last minute to order gifts.

To avoid any last-minute panic and stress for all, remind them through your emails that not all is lost and that they can still visit the website to purchase something.

Retarget your shoppers in your valentine’s day email marketing campaign

Often all it takes to push people across the line and turn them into paying customers is either a simple reminder or a special offer.

Your customers will love the last-minute options so that they are not empty-handed when the actual day arrives.

Do not forget to treat the singles!

While people consider Valentine’s Day to be lovers specific, it is an occasion to express love for anyone you care about. You don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Don’t have anyone to express love? Not a problem. Encourage self-love. Use email marketing to promote self-love and encourage people to buy a “me” gift. Highlight your best products in the email, and don’t forget to add graphic images. Sometimes pictures help convince people to purchase more than the product details.

Show your love with a V-Day email, too!

Valentine’s Day is an international day to extend love to anyone and everyone. So, why not show some love to all your customers. Send personalized deals to your loyal and existing customers so that they feel valued and unique.

Valentines day email marketing campaign  Shell
One of the best ideas for Valentine’s day email marketing is to offer discount vouchers

If they’re a frequent customer, send them a discount coupon to remind that you appreciate their business. For example, if you’re in the restaurant industry, try sending your most loyal customers a 15% discount voucher on Valentine’s Day.

Ace your game with these Valentine’s Day marketing tips and ideas!

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